A relaxing treatment, which is essential as part of a good skin care regime, to upkeep healthy & youthful looking skin, as well as, having endless benefits to your wellbeing.

Extra Relaxing Facial (1hr 45 mins)
A prescription facial to relax and rebalance body and mind, commencing with a back, neck, scalp and shoulder massage.

Anti – Ageing Facial (ideal for mature skins age 25+)
An indulgent facial incorporating the use of microdermabrasive exfoliation, collagen, pure vitamin C, AHAs and Retinol products to enhance youthful looking skin and reduce the visible signs of ageing.

Vitamin Booster Facial  (ideal for tired / dull looking skin)
A deluxe prescription facial ideal for all skin types to improve the condition and appearance of skin, whilst assisting in cell renewal, leaving you with a healthy glow.

Luxury Facial (prescribed for current skin condition)
A deluxe facial which can be developed according to condition, for all skin types.  This is a very relaxing treatment which is essential as part of a good skin care regime to upkeep healthy & youthful looking skin, as well as having endless benefits to your wellbeing.

Mini Facial  (prescribed for current skin condition)
A 30 minute quick pick me up treatment including a cleanse, exfoliate, aromatherapy facial massage, mask & moisturise.

A foot massage can be added to any facial while your mask is setting for £5.

Manicures & Pedicures
For all foot treatments it is advised to wear trousers which can be easily rolled up to the knee.  Please also remember to bring open toed shoes to go home in so as to avoid damaging your nail enamel.

Shape & Polish
Mini Manicure
Full Manicure  

Shape & Polish 
Mini Pedicure                
Full Pedicure   

Eye Treatments
Eyelash Tinting   (patch test required)
Eyebrow Tinting   (patch test required)
Eyebrow Shape                                               
Eyebrow Tidy                          
Soothing eye treatment           
Soothing eyes & lash tint        

For best results please allow 3-4 weeks hair growth prior to appointment.

Full Leg Wax                                       
Half Leg Wax   
Full Leg + bikini Wax                          
Bikini Wax       
Extended Bikini Wax                           
Half Arm Wax  
Full Arm Wax                                      
Upper Lip Wax
Underarm Wax                                    
Chin Wax

The endless benefits of Swedish massage include stress relief, relaxation, muscular aches eased, improved circulation, removal of toxins & improvement of skin condition.

Full Body plus face, scalp & tummy Massage  (90 mins)         

Full Body plus Hot Stone Back neck & shoulder (90 mins)      

Full Body Massage (60 mins)                                                  

Back, neck, Shoulder + back of leg & feet (45 mins)                

Hot Stone Back, neck & Shoulder Massage (45 mins)              

Seated Scalp Massage (45 mins)                                            

Leg Massage (30 mins)                                                

Head in the Clouds Upper Body Massage (30 mins)                 

Back, neck & Shoulder Massage (30 mins)

Shellac Semi Permanent Nail Polish
Flawless polish that lasts for 14 days, dries immediately, chip resistant, removed in minutes and does not damage your nails!  (toe nails last for up to 6 weeks)

Shellac Nail Polish        
Shellac Toe Polish        
Shellac Nail Polish plus mini manicure          
Shellac Nail Polish plus full manicure            

Shellac Toe  Polish plus mini pedicure           
Shellac Toe Polish plus full pedicure    

Manicure & Pedicure Add-ons
Any of the following can be added to your manicure or pedicure. Please confirm at time of booking appointment if you would like the following add-ons, to allow enough appointment time to be reserved.

Heated mitts or boots for skin conditioning       
Hot paraffin wax treatment                          
Additional foot massage

Prior to your spray tanning treatment, it is imperative that you prepare your skin properly in order to get a nice even tan which lasts. 24 hours before your tan you should de-hair your legs and bikini line. Do not use any moisturiser or oil based products on your skin on the day of your tan. I would strongly advise that before your tan you exfoliate your entire body and your face as thoroughly as possible. Please wear loose fitting, dark clothing. Your tan will take 8 hours to fully develop, during which time you should not get wet or take a shower.

Full body spray tan